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I am working on an animation in which when user clicks on an element i am showing a div with animation from left:700px


    $("#divmaha").show() ;

it works well for screen size 1280 x 800, the problem is when the screen size increases the animated text comes over the left column div. any help would be grateful.

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can u show your html code or css in jsfiddle with link –  Rohit Azad May 15 at 6:01
you can first check screen size and then use apply style accordingly this. or you can give left in % so that will adjust itself. –  TechnoKnol May 15 at 6:08
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Media Query with Modernizr -

if (Modernizr.mq('(max-width: 800px)')) {
    //your code

More here: http://modernizr.com/docs/#mq

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is this OP wants ? –  TechnoKnol May 15 at 6:09
Yes. The tile: changing animation for different screen sizes –  Dipaks May 15 at 6:12
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I'd try something like this using jQuery:

var aniParams = [{'max':1000, 'left':600},{'max':800, 'left':400}]; //big > small

.on('click', function(){
    for(var i = 0; i < aniParams.length; ++i){
        if($(window).width() <= aniParams[i].max){
                'left':aniParams[i].left + 'px'
            }, 1000);
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