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I am creating a angular application, which has one li with ng-repeat and a text box for searching the out put in ng-repeat, the repeated item has a delete "X" button which deletes the record from DB. problem i am facing is how to remove searched record from the array using splice.


go to above plnkr click on any of the "x" without searching, then it will get removed from the list . but when you search for something lets say ruby then only ruby will come into the list but by clicking on "x" it will still appear . I need help in removing the searched field from the array using array operation, i dont want to regenerate that array again.

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Why should I visit plunker? Questions at SO should be complete. Always post you code here. –  Satpal May 15 at 6:53
@Mayray Take a look at my answer –  NidhishKrishnan May 15 at 6:54

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instead of just using the index as a parameter, calculate your index with a search of the json element in the array.

Like so:

$scope.delete = function(project) {
  idx = $scope.projects.indexOf(project);
  $scope.projects.splice(idx, 1);


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I have added plunker link with your question, Reveret back if you don't want that –  Satpal May 15 at 6:56
Thanks a lot it is working fine .. so out of indexOF solution and beow solution by passing ID , which one is efficient $scope.delete = function(idx) { for ( var i = 0; i < $scope.projects.length; i++){ if ($scope.projects[i].id === idx) { $scope.projects.splice(i, 1); } } }; –  Mayrya May 15 at 8:19

The problem is that your idx is set to $index. That is the index of the ng-repeat, not the index of the array so when the list is filtered you're now deleting the wrong element. (You'll notice this if you clear the search-box after deleting)

If you change your HTML to

<a href="" ng-click="delete(project)">X</a>

The delete function will receive the actual element that needs to be removed and can be rewritten to

$scope.delete = function(project) {
  $scope.projects.splice($scope.projects.indexOf(project), 1)
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Thank you very much .. it worked can u pls tell me which one is efficient finding index of the passed project or the one which Nadhish has posted ? –  Mayrya May 15 at 8:22
Simple google search turned up jsperf.com/js-for-loop-vs-array-indexof/70 –  ivarni May 15 at 8:31
See also stackoverflow.com/questions/6682951/… –  ivarni May 15 at 8:33

The reason is that you are sending the $index for removing, instead of that pass the id like

 <a href="" ng-click="delete(project.id)">X</a>  

Working Demo

Try this out

$scope.delete = function(idx) {
  for ( var i = 0; i < $scope.projects.length; i++){
    if ($scope.projects[i].id === idx)
         $scope.projects.splice(i, 1);
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Thank you very much this worked, but not sure which one is efficient ..please see below solutions as well –  Mayrya May 15 at 8:19

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