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I posted a question here: WpfToolkit binding to multiple LineSeries It seems like my problem is more of a Binding issue than anything else.

I assumed that I was losing binding because I was removing entries in my Lists and inserting new entries in place of those I removed - as I keep a first number of entries to plot.

Anyhow, I rewrote all of the RemoveAt and Insert by doing like this:

channel1List[1] = new KeyValuePair<double, double>(DMIN1, 0);
rampsList[0] = new List<KeyValuePair<double, double>>(channel1List);

it does update the chart (which is first displayed from my main) if I put the 2 lines of code above even after (in my main).

rampsChart.DataContext = rampsList;

However if I put this code into my ValueChanged method for my slider, it does NOT update the chart. The rest of the code in the ValueChanged method/event is working fine. Console.WriteLine shows the content of my lists are correctly updated, however, the binding does not work and/or the chart doesn't refresh. Reapplying the rampsChart.DataContext = rampsList; does not help either.

Any idea?


and if that helps, here's how my list of list of keyvaluepair are declared (public)

List<KeyValuePair<double, double>> channel1List = new List<KeyValuePair<double, double>>();
List<KeyValuePair<double, double>> channel2List = new List<KeyValuePair<double, double>>();
List<KeyValuePair<double, double>> channel3List = new List<KeyValuePair<double, double>>();
List<KeyValuePair<double, double>> channel4List = new List<KeyValuePair<double, double>>();
List<List<KeyValuePair<double, double>>> rampsList = new List<List<KeyValuePair<double, double>>>();
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Is there a reason why you opened a new question thread instead of updating the previous question? Any way, List doesn't implement property change notification so binding to a list will not update your control when the list changes. You should bind to an ObservableCollection or similar. Read a little more about binding. –  o_weisman May 15 '14 at 8:59

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