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I have a thread, if I start tomcat by windows services(tomcat), the code will stop. And if I start tomcat by startup.bat , the code don't have any problem. I never change the code,only change start tomcat way. The java code is following:

class PrintMessageThread extends Thread {
        public PrintMessageThread() {
        public void run() {
            while (true) {
                    if (isPrint) {
                }catch (Exception e) {

Because start tomcat with startup.bat don't have any problem, so I thought that this problem maybe caused by computer environment.But I am not sure where it cause. I hope someone can help me.

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Maybe Tomcat service is smart enough not to start this thread which will consume 100% CPU on a core –  Scary Wombat May 15 at 7:40
This is very unclear. How do you run this random code snippet on Tomcat? Do other web apps work when you start Tomcat as a service? Have you checked the logs? –  Boris the Spider May 15 at 7:41
@IwishIcouldthinkofagood maybe the OP is cold? It's a rather effective way to turn a PC into a fan heater... –  Boris the Spider May 15 at 7:42
Have you installed Tomcat as a Windows Service correctly? –  Owen Tsao May 15 at 7:46
What I can make sure is using 100% of one core is OK for windows service, but tomcat may feel embarrassed. –  Owen Tsao May 15 at 7:53

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