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I am after some functionality of part of a development site I am working on.

What I want to achieve is a set of 14 images, aligned horizontally, that constantly scroll horizontally so that they are showing 7 images at a time, and pause when you hover over the slider.

I tried using jQuery Cycle to try and get this functionality but I couldn't get the right parameters included.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Do you have full control of the images or are they random/dynamic? For example, could you make one image (so it could be used as a background). Or what about the size, always fixed or dynamic? –  Yoshi May 15 at 8:20
Could you provide some code samples, a fiddle discribing the problem maybe? –  Mark Rijsmus May 15 at 8:24
Here's the link here - you can see the area that I mean on the home page just above the google maps with the 7 brand names. lincolnvideoproduction.co.uk –  Sam Kelham May 15 at 8:27
Thanks in advance :) –  Sam Kelham May 15 at 8:30

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Try this script. I have not used it but it seems to be what you are looking out for.


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It looks promising! Thanks, i'll let you know how it works out! –  Sam Kelham May 15 at 8:39
It works great - I would upvote but I don't have enough rep. Apologies –  Sam Kelham May 15 at 9:28
No Prob @SamKelham....always der to help. –  user3580371 May 15 at 10:14

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