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I'm encountering an error

The return types for the following stored procedures could not be detected

when adding my stored procedure to my .dbml model. I'm using SQL Server 2008 so I can't use concat.. any other work around?

    b.FirstName + ',' + b.LastName + '-' + a.AgentName as AgentName, 
FROM dbo.person a 
LEFT JOIN dbo.PersonName b ON a.PersonID = b.PersonID 
INNER JOIN dbo.Agt c ON a.LocationCode = c.LocationCode
    a.STATUS = 1
    AND c.AgentName = @AgentName  
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Side note: I'd recommend using more meaningful table aliases rather than just a, b, c. Use dbo.Person p, dbo.PersonName pn, dbo.Agt a and then your table aliases become a lot more expressive and your query becomes a lot clearer and easier to understand! – marc_s May 15 '14 at 9:15
hi thanks for the concern, sorry i was in a hurry to recreate my stored procedure here. – anonymous1110 May 15 '14 at 9:17

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