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I'm running a job in Talend which empties a table "A", extracts data from several databases, makes some transformations on it and then inserts the data in this table "A".

When I run the job, I've no error, and with the statistics option in the run tab, I can see that my job inserts 9278 rows in my table A. But when I run HeidiSQL, I execute this sql query SELECT count(*) FROM table A and the result is 9261.

I've no idea why I have this problem, I've already done a lot of research on the web but I found nothing.


I've execute my sql query directly in talend with a tMySQLinput (and a TLogRow to see the result of it) at the end of the job and the result is 9278 so I think the issue is in HeidiSQL.

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What are you doing/using to "empty" the table in your Talend job? Can you try running the same COUNT(*) query in Talend through a tMySQLInput component just to check there's not an issue with HeidiSQL? –  ydaetskcoR May 15 at 9:27
I use a tMySQLrow components to execute my delete query. –  JDPanda May 15 at 9:48
What delete query are you using? Is it a straight DELETE FROM A or a TRUNCATE A Are you sure your table is empty before you add data to it? –  ydaetskcoR May 15 at 10:09
It could be caused by the default isolation level (in case you are using delete instead of truncate) try to run a commit or rollback in your SQL client and then run the select count(*) again. –  a_horse_with_no_name May 15 at 10:12
@ydaetskcoR: I'm not talking about commit in Talend, I'm talking about a commit in HeidiSQL. The default isolation level is repeatable-read. Which means the transaction inside HeidiSQL does not see committed changes that were committed after the transaction started. So in order to see the effect of a commit from another transaction you must end the one in the HeidiSQL. And the only way to do that is through commit or rollback (or using auto commit) –  a_horse_with_no_name May 15 at 11:45

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