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I'm building an OS X app that needs to contact a server. There are no cookies involved only a session which is generated by the server using a session_start(). I have created a method:

- (void)requestWithData:(NSData *)jsonData;

which is called each time I want to issue a request. In this method I have local variables such as a NSURL, a NSMutableURLRequest, a NSURLSessionConfiguration, NSURLSession and a NSURLSessionDataTask. After an initial request (first pass) I receive the PHPSESSID from the server successfully and check it within the "dataTask" completion handler as follows:

NSDictionary *responseHeaders = [(NSHTTPURLResponse *)response allHeaderFields];
NSLog(@"%@",[responseHeaders objectForKey:@"Set-Cookie"]);

I then issue another request to the server (second pass) by calling the aforementioned method. However I am not sending any cookies with my request. The server receives at this point the PHPSESSID (inside the "Cookie" header) that it created in the first pass.

If I now repeat the process of sending a request by calling my method and I explicitly set the "Cookie" header to something else other than PHPSESSID, the server does indeed receive the newly set cookie.

How did the server receive PHPSESSID in the second pass without me explicitly setting the "Cookie" header?

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