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Is it possible to change the limit of records from view file.

In view I tried:


But no success, it always shows 10 records as specified in controller

public function index() {
 $this->Paginator->settings = array(
    'conditions' => array(),
    'limit' => 10
 $data = $this->Paginator->paginate('Recipe');
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Then you shouldn't set a limit in your settings. Or only set the limit if there is no param for it passed via URL. –  mark May 15 at 11:07
@mark but other parameters like order: are overridden even if they are set, why not limit? –  user3555483 May 15 at 11:09
That is a good question: What fields can be overwritten and which can't. Probably order because it usally is built via "sort" and "direction". I usually don't use Paginator->settings, but $paginate directly. –  mark May 15 at 11:13
@mark I was making some tests to answer this question and I found that if you set the maxLimit parameter then the limit parameter can be overwritten otherwise not. Can you explain the reason of this behavior? –  arilia May 15 at 11:27
No, not exactly, the maxLimit just sets the maximum allowed limit. This is usually something around 100 to avoid attacks where you can make the server fail due to too large datasets requested. –  mark May 15 at 11:42

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You cannot modify the Component options in a view file as Component is a part of Controller in MVC. If you need to change the 'limit' option of Paginator component you should do that in controller and never in a view file.

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he doesnt try to set it in the view file. He meant those URLs as links he can click on.. –  mark May 15 at 11:12

Set your default settings global in your contoller.

class YourController extends AppController
   var $paginate = array( 'limit' => 10 );
   public function index()

Now your url parameters should work. Consider setting maxlimit, too. When setting limit within your index function you override the url parameter.

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