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                        $im = new imagick();
                       // $im->readimage($soubory."[".$i."]");
                        $im->readImage( $soubory."[".$i."]" );
                        $i = sprintf("%03s",$i);
                        if($i == 000){


If i have file with size less 4 MB it is work perfectly. But some files do not upload. I dont know why doing this i have this error

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ImagickException' with message 'Postscript delegate failed `/data/web/virtuals/69845/virtual/www/domains/nabytek-novydomov.cz/pdf/9.pdf': No such file or directory @ pdf.c/ReadPDFImage/611' in /data/web/virtuals/69845/virtual/www/domains/nabytek-novydomov.cz/funkce.php:92 Stack trace: #0 /data/web/virtuals/69845/virtual/www/domains/nabytek-novydomov.cz/funkce.php(92): Imagick->readimage('/data/web/virtu...') #1 /data/web/virtuals/69845/virtual/www/domains/nabytek-novydomov.cz/adm/includes/pdf_publisher.php(4): uploadpdf(NULL) #2 /data/web/virtuals/69845/virtual/www/domains/nabytek-novydomov.cz/adm/includes/container.php(17): include('/data/web/virtu...') #3 /data/web/virtuals/69845/virtual/www/domains/nabytek-novydomov.cz/adm/index.php(155): include('/data/web/virtu...') #4 {main} thrown in /data/web/virtuals/69845/virtual/www/domains/nabytek-novydomov.cz/funkce.php on line 92

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Have you tried increasing memory_limit for your script? –  nietonfir May 15 at 11:12
Does you script has an access to the file ? –  hsz May 15 at 11:14
Script have access to the file. if he did not approach does not work in any case. And i try ini_set("memory_limit","30M"); but result is the same –  FoUkR May 15 at 11:22
btw you probably don't want to set Imagick::FILTER_UNDEFINED it's behaviour is undefined. –  Danack May 15 at 21:48
i delete Imagick::FILTER_UNDEFINED,but nothing has changed –  FoUkR May 16 at 13:37

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Thanks for providing the example - that is a very large pdf. Opening it with ImageMagick doesn't give an error for me, however the PDF isn't rendered correctly either.

ImageMagick actually renders PDFs by delegating the rendering to the GhostScript program. I think you would be better off calling GhostScript directly, to render the PDFs to PNGs and then be able manipulate the images once they are in sensible format e.g.

To generate PNG files of all the pages, you should be able to call Ghostscript from the command line, so long as it is setup in your path, as:

gs \
-sDEVICE=png16m \
-o %03d.png \
-r300 \

Or just select certain pages.

gs \
-sDEVICE=png16m \
-o %03d.png \
-dFirstPage=10 \
-dLastPage=13 \
-r300 \

If you really want Jpeg output, you can configure that as the output device.

I haven't been able to replicate the error you are seeing. It's entirely possible that it's due to either ImageMagick or GhostScript being unable to create some temporary files, or just running out of memory.

Regardless, the answer is to call ghostscript directly, rather than have to jump through two layers of abstraction to process very large files.

Explicit instructions for how to invoke GS from the command line

  1. Open a command prompt.
  2. Go to the directory where the PDF is.
  3. Run the command from

If you wanted to invoke it from PHP, you would need to use exec or one of the other functions for calling stuff on the command line.

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Max upload on my server is 32M. it must be a different problem. –  FoUkR May 15 at 17:54
What about the setting on the webserver? The error message "No such file or directory" strongly indicates the file wasn't uploaded correctly. –  Danack May 15 at 18:16
This error is only in some pdf but some pdf upload correctly. If it was a mistake to upload any file fails but some file can upload –  FoUkR May 15 at 18:51
Any chance you can share a file that doesn't work? –  Danack May 15 at 19:04
link this pdf doesn't work –  FoUkR May 15 at 19:10

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