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I have a table Transaction_tbl with these columns:

transactid   Tbarcode     dtime

1            100          2013-04-16 14:15:47.243
2            101          2013-05-10 10:15:47.243
3            102          2014-02-20 02:15:48.000

In this table, transactid is the primary key.

I have one more table KHanger_tbl with these columns:

transactid   Hbarcode
1             21
2             22
3             23

in my KHanger_tbl this transactid is the foregin key

I want to move date range <=2013-12-30 data from Transaction table to another table called Transaction2013.. (i mean data in the 2013)

The same time corresponding Khanger_table data need to move to table called Khanger2013

I am creating a new table while executing query ..

First query

select * into Transaction2013
from Transaction_tbl
where dtime <='2013-12-30'

second query

select * into Khanger2013
from KHanger_tbl 
inner join Transaction_tbl
on Transaction_tbl.transactID=KHanger_tbl.transactid
where Transaction_tbl.dtime <='2013-12-30

but while executing the second query, I get an error:

Column names in each table must be unique. Column name 'transactID' in table 'Khanger2013' is specified more than once.

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By using select * you are asking for all columns. As both tables have a transactionid this will then be created twice in the target table, which is not allowed. You need to use something like:

select k.transactid, k.Hbarcode into Khanger2013
 from KHanger_tbl k
inner join Transaction_tbl t
on t.transactid=k.transactid
where t.dtime <='2013-12-30
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sir i want to move all columns from Khanger_tbl to Khanger2013..i dont want to move Transaction_tbl data to Khange2013 –  user3252014 May 15 at 11:53
@user3252014 then use select k.* instead for just * –  Bharadwaj May 15 at 11:55
ok...worked fine..thanks –  user3252014 May 15 at 11:55
@user3252014 I have corrected the answer due to your comment –  Andy Nichols May 15 at 11:55
after copying data from original table i want to delete the same data from old table(i mean original table)..how i can do that sir? –  user3252014 May 15 at 11:56

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