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I'm hosting my site on heroku and we're experiencing severe performance issues.

Basically it's a node.js/express app serving both static html (AngularJS) and REST APIs to be consumed by the client.

Deployment is near so we started benchmarking with JMeter and the results make no sense whatsoever - adding web dynos made no impact at all.

At first I thought maybe our code is at fault but I'm already pretty sure that Heroku is at fault because we get the same results when benchmarking some static image or html. Just to make sure none of my express middleware is causing the problems I've put the static file serving on the top of the express stack.

Thanks in advance.

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Be sure to avoid any console.log calls in your production environment, as well as any logging middleware like app.use(express.logger()), etc as these can have a very negative impact on performance for Heroku node.js apps.

I have something like the following in one of my apps:

if (process.env.NODE_ENV !== 'production') {
} else {
    console.log = function () {};

See here for a discussion of this phenomenon: http://micheljansen.org/blog/entry/1698

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