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I have a MySQL Database containing 100 tables. I want to add 2 fields in all those 100 tables at once.

fields are 'created_by' and 'modified_by'.

any suggestions...

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Use INFORMATION_SCHEMA.TABLES to construct the appropriate ALTER TABLE statements. Then execute them. –  Gordon Linoff May 15 at 12:11
I answered a similar question on SO. You may not require an SP, but you can make use of it with minor change, like alter .... add column created_by ... –  Ravinder May 15 at 12:22
Do i have to run this query 100 times? –  user234910 May 15 at 12:43

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There is no automatic way to do this. Instead, construct the SQL queries and then run them. Something like this:

select concat('alter table ', t.table_name,
              ' add created_by varchar(255), add modified_by varchar(255)'
from information_schema.tables t;

Then copy the code into the appropriate tool and execute it (use use prepare).

I would also recommend that you at created_at and modified_at, if these are not already present.

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