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I'm new to python and I'm trying to read an ftp directory and write the filenames and file sizes to a file (currently a text file)

import sys
import os
import ftplib
import ftputil
import fnmatch
log = open("C:/..../ftp_name.txt","a")
print "logging into FTP" # print 
host = ftputil.FTPHost('address','Uname','Pass') # ftp host info
recursive = host.walk("/WORLDVIEW",topdown=True,onerror=None) # recursive search 
for root,dirs,files in recursive:
for name in files:
    fullpath = os.path.join(root, name)
    size = FTP.size(fullpath)
    writepath = fullpath + " " +size + "\n"

I got it to write the filename and path but once I added the size function in it went wrong

The error I received was:

NameError: name 'FTP' is not defined

I have also tried replacing

size = FTP.size(fullpath)


size = recursive.size(fullpath)

which returned the error:

AttributeError: 'generator' object has no attribute 'size'

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Generally to get file size you use the os module: https://docs.python.org/2/library/os.path.html#os.path.getsize.

When using ftputil they make that an equivlant call of host.path.getsize

You can view more of the documentation for it here: http://mcdc.missouri.edu/libs/python/ftputil/ftputil.html#retrieving-information-about-directories-files-and-links

   for root,dirs,files in recursive: 
       for name in files: 
           fullpath = host.path.join(root, name)
           size = host.path.getsize(fullpath)
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Hi, I also tried that but I received this error: <b>WindowsError: [Error 3] The system cannot find the path specified: '/WORLDVIEW/...21075\\LABEL.txt'</b> I'm not sure where the double slash came from – MattEnvSys May 15 '14 at 12:31
I updated the answer to use ftputil, hopefully that works for you! – CasualDemon May 15 '14 at 12:32
Hmm my error just became a lot more complex after updating the code! ** File "C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\ftputil\ftp_stat.py", line 452, in _real_lstat "550 %s: no such file or directory" % path) ftputil.ftp_error.PermanentError: 550 /WORLDVIEW/DEVI/DEVI_FIN_I027161_21075\LAB EL.txt: no such file or directory Debugging info: ftputil 2.2.3, Python 2.7.3 (win32)** that's the end of the error. I suppose I need to play around with the path as it places a \ ahead of label.txt instead of /? – MattEnvSys May 15 '14 at 12:44
You are correct the error is the last "\" is different than all the "/"s before it. Basically FTP using unix folder structure, and when you call "os.path.join" it automatically joins using the systems default, which in your case is windows. Use host.path.join instead. – CasualDemon May 15 '14 at 12:48
Thank you very much. It's working now – MattEnvSys May 15 '14 at 12:55

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