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Hi I'm developing Samsung app with SDK and emulator 4.5. I have a issue..The App shows by videoPlayer some videos loaded on server. My issue is: when the video play and I push button STOP, the video stops and the screen becomes black..I'd like to show the screen with the first frame of the video. I have tried to do:

sf.service.VideoPlayer.setKeyHandler(tvKey.KEY_STOP, function()
        if(Popup.getPopup()==Popup.getNPOPUP() && Similars.getOpenS()==false){
            //videoPlayer.enterVideo(videoPlayer.url,videoPlayer.title,videoPlayer.from,videoPlayer.axoid,videoPlayer.nid); //riparte l'esecuzione del video

                            videoPlayer.play();//insert function play 
            sf.service.VideoPlayer.pause();// stop video




I have inserted:

videoPlayer.play();//insert function play 
sf.service.VideoPlayer.pause();// stop video

The play works but the pausa command not work How can I do? Have you got a solution?


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Instead of stop, you can rewind video at start, and then pause it. –  Ivan Solntsev May 15 at 12:39
How can I do to know the time video is played? –  Stefano May 15 at 13:00
looks like sf.service.VideoPlayer have limited API, you can try to use more low-level approach: samsungdforum.com/Guide/tut00055/index.html –  Ivan Solntsev May 15 at 13:22
I havent't found any solution in the link. With remote control I push button sequence STOP, PLAY and PAUSE and I get it, but it seems not allowed programmatically... –  Stefano May 15 at 14:38
In the link is tutorial how to make video application, that directly use INFOLINK-PLAYER, it have events and methods for playback control. If you target 2012+ devices, you can use <video> tag and html5 video api. –  Ivan Solntsev May 15 at 14:52

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I have inserted below


setTimeout(function(){sf.service.VideoPlayer.pause();},2000); //delay function called of 2000 millisecond

I resolved my issue. if delay time is not enough, you can increase the time to get the finish request.

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