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After so many years cruising on Linux, I am back on a freaking Windows environment. I use Ipython, and I launch it in git bash. It would be hard for me to use something else, since the environment is configured to use this at my office.

So, when I launch Ipython, and I mistakenly launch an infinite loop, or some bad code that takes ages to execute, I use ctrl-c.

This kills Ipython, and it's pretty annoying. I did not find any way to circumvene this or another key that would do the trick.

Any ideas would be highly appreciated.

Thanks a bunch

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btw, it's the same with python, not only ipython –  Kevin Eaverquepedo May 15 '14 at 12:27

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I actually found an elegant solution. I put this in my .bashrc:

alias p="trap '' 2; ipython;trap 2;"

that way, ctrl-c signal (which code is 2) gets trapped before launching it, and untrapped when exiting ipython.

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