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I have structure which declares pin characteristic as below :

         .name  = "SSP1_CMD",
         .id    = PINID_GPMI_RDY1,  
         .fun      = PIN_GPIO,
         .strength = PAD_4MA,
         .pull = 1,
         .pullup = 1,
         .voltage = PAD_3_3V,
         .drive = 1,
         .data = 0, 
         .output = 1,

this GPIO is connected to LCD_BACKLIGHT.

Now i am trying to Enable disable this backlight through commands. consider an switch button interrupt which will enable this gpio and switch button press will disable.

I commented out above structure part of the code and i tried through user space :

echo 18 > /sys/class/gpio/export
echo out > /sys/class/gpio/gpio18/direction

the backlight turns off/on. but then i dont see any data write on LCD

how can i approach to do this user space ?

or how can i toggle the gpio through a c code with same structure existing.

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Need to implement/add new ioctl command in the gpio driver for toggling the gpio pin connected to LCD backlight. Use ioctl call with newly added command from user space code to toggle the LCD backlight. –  Gautham Kantharaju May 15 at 14:26

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