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In mechanize we click links either by using follow_link or click_link. Is there a similar kind of thing in beautiful soup to click a link on a web page?

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BeautifulSoup is an HTML parser.

Further discussion really depends on the concrete situation you are in and the complexity of the particular web page.

If you need to interact with a web-page: submit forms, click buttons, scroll etc - you need to use a tool that utilizes a real browser, like selenium.

In certain situations, for example, if there is no javascript involved in submitting a form, mechanize would also work for you.

And, sometimes you can handle it by simply following the link with urllib2 or requests.

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Thanks. I was wondering if it is possible to modify the link using python as we do using inspect element in browsers? I tried using mechanize. The link got modified as it appeared after printing it but when clicked it still opened the same page. –  user3286661 May 15 at 13:25
@user3286661 ok, could you show the code you are using? What is the purpose of it? Thanks. –  alecxe May 15 at 13:28
Oh yes! I have posted a question already. Here it is: stackoverflow.com/questions/23677442/… –  user3286661 May 15 at 13:30
@user3286661 gotcha, will take a look at your particular mechanize issue. I also don't think there is smth to add for the current question. –  alecxe May 15 at 13:34

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