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Hi I've a variable as follows,


Later I'm loading some data into this variable, performing operations with the data in it. Now I need to clear the data in it and load fresh data. I don't want to use any extra variable.

Is is possible?

Please help


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what is the type TBL_ID_LIGNE? – Dmitry Agibov May 15 '14 at 13:25
@Dmitry Its custom type, anyways I will give it. Type TBL_ID_LIGNE is table of T_ERRALIM_EA4.ERR_N_LINEID%Type index by binary_integer; – RaMs_YearnsToLearn May 15 '14 at 13:52
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T_ID_LIGNE.DELETE will delete all collection

EXISTS(n) - Returns TRUE if the specified element exists.
COUNT - Returns the number of elements in the collection.
LIMIT - Returns the maximum number of elements for a VARRAY, or NULL for nested tables.
FIRST - Returns the index of the first element in the collection.
LAST - Returns the index of the last element in the collection.
PRIOR(n) - Returns the index of the element prior to the specified element.
NEXT(n) - Returns the index of the next element after the specified element.
EXTEND - Appends a single null element to the collection.
EXTEND(n) - Appends n null elements to the collection.
EXTEND(n1,n2) - Appends n1 copies of the n2th element to the collection.
TRIM - Removes a single element from the end of the collection.
TRIM(n) - Removes n elements from the end of the collection.
DELETE - Removes all elements from the collection.
DELETE(n) - Removes element n from the collection.
DELETE(n1,n2) - Removes all elements from n1 to n2 from the collection.
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Thanks, Lemme try it @user2879235 – RaMs_YearnsToLearn May 15 '14 at 13:53

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