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when one http request send to the server(for example, java web server), and the server hold the request for a long time, don't send the response back, the timeout will happen or not?

I search for the http timeout, found the 408, and I don't think 408 is the timeout that I descirbed.

if timeout happen, can i set this timeout value? in the server or the client?

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It will timeout if you've set a read timeout. If you haven't, it won't. A timeout becomes a SocketTimeoutException, not an HTTP error code. There is no HTTP error code. There is no HTTP response to get an error code from. That's why there is a timeout. You can set the timeout with URLConnection.setReadTimeout().

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So this timeout is controlled by the client, not the server. –  regrecall May 18 '14 at 11:32

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