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I want to install a Gem (kitchen-docker) into ChefDK's Gem path.

What is the best way to install this Gem via Chef itself? Is there a more clever solution than the following?

execute "chef gem install kitchen-docker" do
  user "jenkins"
  not_if "chef gem list | grep ^kitchen-docker"

Some background information: I want to use ChefDK in Jenkins on our CI server to do cookbook testing. The CI server itself should be provisioned by Chef, of course.

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I also tried to set gem_binary for the gem_package provider, but I think this only installs the Gem into /root/.chefdk/gems (at least it was not available to the jenkins user then. – StephenKing May 15 '14 at 13:53
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Apparently, in order to install a chef gem system-wide (into /opt/chefdk/), the parameter --no-user-install of the gem command can be used through the gem_package resource:

gem_package "kitchen-docker" do
  gem_binary "/opt/chefdk/embedded/bin/gem"
  options "--no-user-install"

This installs the gem and makes it available to all users running chefdk on the system.

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This looked nice, but honestly didn't work for me. It didn't fail, but upon testing it put it in the root users gems – JoshMahowald Apr 28 at 0:28
Really? I am still using this and it works for me exactly this way. The gem is then installed in /opt/chefdk/embedded/lib/ruby/gems/2.1.0/gems/kitchen-docker-2.3.0. – StephenKing Apr 28 at 6:07
Well I guess it would depend on how the environment variables/ GEM_HOME and GEM_SYSTEM are set. I THINK I properly use the eval $(chef-shell init bash) for all users. I'll poke around a bit more to see why I couldn't get yours to work – JoshMahowald May 2 at 15:24
But how do you use chef-shell init inside a chef run? I mean.. there might be ways, but it doesn't feel so right. – StephenKing May 2 at 15:25

This snippet worked for me to create a resource allowing me to do chef_dk_gem "kitchen-dokken"

It's a lot hackier than I'd like but because of issues with CHEF-2288 I otherwise had a lot of troubles getting the gem into my target user, and having the env variables for GEM* setup correctly with chef-dk

action :install do
    include_recipe "chef-dk"
    execute "setup chefdk gem #{gem_name}" do
        command "runuser #{gem_user}  -c '/opt/chefdk/embedded/bin/gem install #{gem_name}'"
        not_if "/opt/chefdk/embedded/bin/gem list #{gem_name} | grep #{gem_name}'", :user => gem_user
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Run this:

chef gem install kitchen-docker

This install gen un chefdk path.

Best regards!

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Thanks for your answer. That's what I was suggesting. But that's not idemponent and I was asking if there is even a more clever way. – StephenKing Jun 13 '14 at 4:45

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