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So the following code compiles but i'm not sure if it's doing what I want it to do... (VS2010 for reference)

// Declarations

typedef std::map<unsigned int, QGF6::GameObject*> localMap;
localMap lMap;

// Code in a function that I might be using with the wrong logic:


Intended Logic:

Find the unsigned int value in the map that equals p.id(another unsigned int) then to that member of the map, access it's second data type(GameObject*) and do stuff.

So the question is whether or not that should be working 'as intended' ? It compiles but as I'm having bugs with velocity I'm thinking it might be a misunderstanding of the std::map class.

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UB if element (p.id) is not found. –  Jarod42 May 15 at 14:18

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That will work only if the searched item is actually present in the map. Otherwise using it will cause undefined behavior. You should use something like the following

 std::map<unsigned int, QGF6::GameObject*>::iterator itr = lMap.find(p.id);
 if(itr!= lMap.end()){ //found
  //use it


 QGF6::GameObject* obj = lMap[p.id];
 if( obj!=nulptr){
  //use it
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Note: it will not return null, but lMap.end(). Both are undefined behavior, but the latter tend not to crash as deterministically. –  Matthieu M. May 15 at 14:20
lMap[p.id] would return NULL though. –  crashmstr May 15 at 14:21
@MatthieuM., thanks for correcting me. –  Rakib May 15 at 14:21
@crashmstr, actually I am using Qt map for long time in this way as showed, that's why the mistake. –  Rakib May 15 at 14:23
Awesome that makes sense :) As it's a client that downloads the map data from a server it should always be right but that will help a lot with unexpected behavior checking. –  user3152746 May 15 at 14:24

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