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I'm working on a local server on a NAS in a folder named "WEB" with few php scripts including phpMyAdmin.

Beside the "WEB" folder (at the same level) I've got a folder with images named "Imagesfolder".

Unfortunately, for few reasons, I can't put this images folder in the "WEB" folder, but I need to use these images with the php scripts to create pdf files.

What I find surprising is that I can see if a file exists:

if (file_exists('/volume1/Imagesfolder/photo.jpg')) {... works fine. ("volume1" is the RAID disk name) (I thought that file exist couldn't work on with remote folders..) but when I put img src="/volume1/Imagesfolder/photo.jpg" the image isn't found.

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filesize ('/volume1/Imagesfolder/photo.jpg') works too. –  user3641026 May 15 at 14:59
PHP file scope is different than final HTML scope. What's the relative URL of the output and where's the actual location of the PHP file? –  Chen Asraf May 15 at 15:14
/volume1/.. is an absolute path physically stored on a disc. the DOCUMENT_ROOT (the source of images in the web) is a virtual path and can be mapped to ANY physical path. It's not the same. –  DanFromGermany May 15 at 15:16

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As hinted above, absolute paths are not the same as web paths.

You could, as a workaround, try creating a symbolic link if you have console access.

ln -s /volume1/Imagesfolder /volume1/WEB/Imagesfolder

This will then allow you to do img src="/ImagesFolder/xyz.jpg"

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Thanks I'm going to see this with our administrator. –  user3641026 May 19 at 8:20
Good luck. If that doesn't work, there are some other options but not one-liners, so let us know. –  Lee S May 19 at 8:21

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