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I want to declare two different values for a widget, having two test devices:

  • The first has a 480x800 mdpi display
  • The second is 320x480 mdpi

Both are mdpi, but I need a way to name another values-mdpi folder that will contain smaller values for the second device. I tried several names based on this page, but everytime the smaller device assumes the same values of the bigger one. Advices?

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480x800 mdpi I guess you mean 480x800 hdpi, because a 480*800 device (as well as an 480*854 device or a 540*960 device) is normally hdpi, not mdpi – Bob Malooga May 15 '14 at 15:11
How about the 5.1'' WVGA 480x800 mdpi device that is listed on the default configurations (on Eclipse)? – alessandro.francesconi May 15 '14 at 15:13
I guess that's a tablet. These devices follow a different drawable and layout naming. Try: drawable-w480dp-h800dp – Bob Malooga May 15 '14 at 15:14
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So you want to distinguish between different screen sizes, use the smallest width qualifier

res/layout-sw600dp //e.g. all tablets that are > 7"

The Smallest-width qualifier allows you to target screens that have a certain minimum width given in dp. For example, the typical 7" tablet has a minimum width of 600 dp, so if you want your UI to have two panes on those screens (but a single list on smaller screens), you can use the same two layouts from the previous section for single and two-pane layouts, but instead of the large size qualifier, use sw600dp to indicate the two-pane layout is for screens on which the smallest-width is 600 dp:

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How about a combination of available height & available width, like values-w480dp-h800dp for the 1st one and the normal values-mdpi folder for the latter one?

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