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I am trying to get the full referring url to a page via javascript.

So far the closet I have come is

var lastUrl = document.referrer;

This does not include the query attached to the url.

var lastUrl = document.URL;

returns the current URL with the querystring intact.

Is there anyway of easily obtaining the referring url along with the referring query.

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Could you share us an example? –  naota May 15 at 15:40
document.referrer will bring back for example http://mydomain.com/paths/file.php, this being the previous referring page where as I require http://mydomain.com/paths/file.php?inherit=true&id=123. Using document.URL will bring the full path but of the currently viewed page –  Sideshow May 15 at 15:47
This page might help you. stackoverflow.com/questions/2680328/query-string-in-javascript –  naota May 15 at 15:54
Thanks, but I looked at these - may be able to munge the first answer to something useful though. –  Sideshow May 15 at 16:07

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