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I have written a system in PHP that sends out Passbook passes via email to users who sign up (customer loyalty cards for eg. a coffee shop). The Aztec barcode on each pass holds a URL that among other things contains the "user ID" for that specific pass, which I can link to the respective user entry in my database. It's working well.

Now I'm trying to come up with a solution for users who either have non-Apple smartphones or have no smartphones at all. The simplest fallback I could think of were printed cards. For those I need to generate the barcode by hand. In my case, that means PHP. I have searched for hours for a free solution until I settled for Metzli, which gets the job done. But the barcodes it generates differ from Apple's!

They do scan and evaluate just fine, but as I'm looking to send both the Passbook pass and a simple image file people can print out if they want in the same email, it would be good if the barcodes looked the same.

I've been reading up about the barcode generation options for Aztec codes, but I'm not sure which settings are relevant. I have had success in generating a 1:1 representation of Apple's code on this site with error correction set to 0, but the same settings yield a different result with Metzli in PHP.

I suspected the message encoding (as per this post), but both PHP and my pass generation settings seem to be set to iso-8859-1, which is a reasonable default.

What can cause Aztec barcodes to differ? And does any documentation exist on the way Apple generates the official codes?

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You could change the type of barcode that you use on the passbook you send out and then switch to a barcode you can generate in PHP like a QR using a library like PHPQRCode (http://phpqrcode.sourceforge.net/)

See their docs: https://developer.apple.com/passbook/Getting_Started_with_Passbook.pdf

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That's a decent proposal, but say I'm not free to choose the type of barcode used, due to scanning equipment, etc. I can't believe you have to accept the fact that codes can turn out different. I think I need information on the generation options of Atztec codes, as the Passbook code is the one I already have. –  oelna May 15 at 16:22
That, or write your own PHP library. Though the latter would probably not justify cost of replacing scanning equipment in likelihood. –  Ruby May 15 at 16:27

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