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I've got several websites in azure, and they are now grouped into "Web Hosting Plans". I have two plans total. What I'd like to do is move the sites from one plan into the other. Is there a way to do this without removing the sites and recreating them?

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The required steps are as follows (All from powershell)

1: Login


2: Switch to azure resource mode

Switch-AzureMode AzureResourceManager 

3: Create dictionary to represent the new farm

$whp=@{"serverfarm" = "<newfarm>";}

4: Switch Farm

Set-AzureResource -name <sitename> -ResourceGroupName <groupname> -ResourceType Microsoft.Web/sites -apiversion 2014-04-01 -PropertyObject $whp

You can get a list of resources by executing Get-AzureResourceGroup once you are in resource mode

Update 2 10/29/2014

You can now do this from the preview portal

1: Login to the preview portal (
2: Pull up the card for the website you want to change
3: Click the ellipsis on the action bar near the top enter image description here

4: Click Web Hosting Plan enter image description here

5: Profit
enter image description here

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Yes, you have to use Azure Power Shell to do it. You can find instructions here:

(search for "How can I move a Site to a different Web Hosting Plan?")

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Here are the Azure Portal steps on March 2015.

  1. App Services
  2. My Web App
  3. Settings
  4. Change App Service plan

Note: This will only list destination App Service Plans that are in the same Resource Group.

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