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I have a Raspberry Pi with GPIO Daughter board Z-Wave and several Z-Wave devices like 4in1, Door sensor, Dimmer...

My question is, It is possible attach to Z-Wave some device running NFC or RFID? I would like use rfid or nfc tags in order to use little cards to trigger some events through Raspberry Pi.

If this is not possible, there is some RFID or NFC reader that I can attach to Raspberry Pi at the same time the GPIO Z-Wave is connected also? This question is because the pins are limited and I don't know if I can connect all the things in only one Raspberry Pi board.

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You might have better luck on electronics.stackexchange.com –  secretformula May 15 at 17:45
thanks @secretformula I didn't know that page, I have posted my question there. electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/110561/… –  antonio May 15 at 20:20

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