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I have 4 models:

in a normal has many through association

user => user_jobs => jobs

jobs => user_jobs => user

jobs <- user_jobs -> user

outside has many association:

account => jobs

account => user

some jobs are public and some are private, public have the account_id association in nil and the private have it associated to the account that created them

thing is when i create a job i can share them with the users associated to the account, and it creates the association in the table user_jobs so i can get all the jobs that were shared to certain user or all the users that have certain job shared

so with some scopes i call on the jobs:

scope :private,        lambda { |id| where(owner_id: id) }
scope :public_private, lambda { |id| where("owner_id = ? OR owner_id IS NULL", id) }
scope :shared_to,      lambda { |id| joins(user_jobs: :user).where(user_jobs: {user_id: id}) }

problem is i want to call a combination of public_private_shared_to jobs but link the public_private with shared_to as an OR so i can add them to the list that were taken with public_private scope:

so far i have:

 Job.joins('LEFT JOIN user_jobs ON user_jobs.job_id = jobs.id').where("jobs.owner_id IS NULL | jobs.owner_id = #{current_account.id} | user_jobs.user_id = 2642")

but it returns active record association object, not the array with objects i want, the left join works but i need the WHERE conditions to mix them.

any help would be apreciated

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