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I'm having an issue when inserting data into a mySQL database using a ColdFusion application. I've tried REPLACE and PRESERVESINGLEQUOTES and a few other things, but I'm lost at this point.

It's basically wherever I have a textbox or textfield in a form - users aren't allowed to use quotation marks in the fields (an error gets sent back - You have an error in your SQL syntax;) and when an apostrophe is used it gets doubled (a word like Mark's gets turned into Mark''s)

Any help would be appreciated. My head is about to burst.

SOLUTION: cfqueryparam

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You should be using cfqueryparam Something like this will work

<cfset userEnteredData = "I'm using apostrophes">

INSERT INTO data (userText)
VALUES (<cfqueryparam cfsqltype="cf_sql_varchar" value="#userEnteredData#">)


Do this for three reasons:

  1. This creates a "bind variable", which (among other things) protects against SQL Injection attacks.
  2. CFQUERYPARAM automatically escapes quotes and apostrophes.
  3. If you're passing a list of variables, it will correctly escape the list based on the cfsqltype if you use the list attribute.
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Reason 4 - can speed up execution time of the query if said query is frequently run. –  Dan Bracuk May 15 at 22:45
Thanks much. Worked like a charm. –  Big Mike May 16 at 22:46

Always use cfqueryparam ... It'll solve your issue and make your application more secure.

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Upvoted because it was submitted two minutes before Matt's answer. –  Dan Bracuk May 15 at 21:40

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