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I am creating an app where a user can create and @idea and then another @user can 'fork' the @idea. To do this I used the duplicate method ActiveRecord::Core#dup.

This is what I want to happen. @user opens up the @idea show page and clicks on an icon that is supposed to lead him/her to a new @forked_idea edit page which will allows them to edit the original @idea and save it as a new @forked_idea.

Here is the snippet from my show page for the original @idea. When the icon is clicked, I would like it to route to the an edit page (in or to for the idea)

<%= link_to "<i class='fa fa-code-fork fa-5x'></i>".html_safe, idea_forked_idea_path(@idea), method: :get %>

When I click on the icon to fork an @idea, I am presented with this error:

ActionController::UrlGenerationError - No route matches {:action=>"update", :controller=>"forked_ideas", :format=>nil, :id=>nil, :idea_id=>#<Idea id: 78, 

Here is the app/controllers/ideas_controller.rb

class ForkedIdeasController < ApplicationController

def edit

def update
  @idea = Idea.find(params[:id])
  @forked_idea = @idea.dup
  if @forked_idea.save(forked_idea_attributes)
    redirect_to forked_ideas_edit_path(@idea), notice: "Forking this idea!"
    render ideas_path

def destroy
  if @idea.destroy
    redirect_to ideas_path, notice: "idea has been deleted"
    redirect_to ideas_path, notice: "idea has been deleted"


def forked_idea_attributes
  params.require(:forked_idea).permit([:title, :body, :tag_list, :image])



My model for forked_idea:

class ForkedIdea < ActiveRecord::Base

  belongs_to :user


resources :ideas do
  resources :forked_ideas, only:[:edit, :update, :destroy]

Here is the rake routes

edit_idea_forked_idea GET    /ideas/:idea_id/forked_ideas/:id/edit(.:format)    forked_ideas#edit
     idea_forked_idea PATCH  /ideas/:idea_id/forked_ideas/:id(.:format)         forked_ideas#update
                      PUT    /ideas/:idea_id/forked_ideas/:id(.:format)         forked_ideas#update
                      DELETE /ideas/:idea_id/forked_ideas/:id(.:format)         forked_ideas#destroy
                ideas GET    /ideas(.:format)                                   ideas#index
                      POST   /ideas(.:format)                                   ideas#create
             new_idea GET    /ideas/new(.:format)                               ideas#new
            edit_idea GET    /ideas/:id/edit(.:format)                          ideas#edit
                 idea GET    /ideas/:id(.:format)                               ideas#show
                      PATCH  /ideas/:id(.:format)                               ideas#update
                      PUT    /ideas/:id(.:format)                               ideas#update
                      DELETE /ideas/:id(.:format)                               ideas#destroy
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can u run --> 'rake routes' command and show us the result –  Jiten K May 15 '14 at 21:54
@Jack -- I have included the routes, Jack. Thanks for the help –  shehanp May 15 '14 at 22:04

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Could it be that "id" is nil - given your error message:

ActionController::UrlGenerationError - No route matches {:action=>"update", :controller=>"forked_ideas", :format=>nil, :id=>nil, :idea_id=>#<Idea id: 78, 

And routes you don't seem to have a route for the case when "id" is nil.

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