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Hello friends i am running code given below which contains the setLogTimeEntery function and when this function is executed i am getting

"Error : java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00917: missing comma"

error and my database is oracle plese any one tell me wht is the problem.

public int setLogTimeEntery(Connection con, LogTimeBean ltb) {

int ans = 0;

        psmt=con.prepareStatement("Insert into TR_LogTime values((Select count(*) from Tr_LogTime) + 1 ,(select sysdate from dual) , Prj_Id=?,Area_Id=?,Actvity_Id=?,ID_No=?,Work_Date=(select to_date(?,'dd/mm/yyyy')from dual) ,Work_Hours=?,Division=?,Description=?,Remarks=?,Work_Week=?)");
        psmt.setInt(4, ltb.getLt_ID_No());
        psmt.setString(5, ltb.getLt_Work_Date());
        psmt.setString(8, ltb.getLt_Description());
        psmt.setString(9, ltb.getLt_Remarks());
        psmt.setInt(10, ltb.getLt_Work_Week());
    }catch(Exception e){
        System.err.println("Error : "+e);
    return ans;
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I don't think your Oracle SQL statement (as defined in the prepared statement) is valid. When using the insert into [table] values(...) syntax, you don't use column=value expressions.

If you're specifying all of the column values in the correct order, then use this:

psmt=con.prepareStatement("Insert into TR_LogTime values((Select count(*) from Tr_LogTime) + 1 ,(select sysdate from dual), ?, ?, ?, ?,(select to_date(?,'dd/mm/yyyy')from dual) ,?,?,?,?,?)");

Otherwise, if you're only specifying a subset of the columns, use the syntax of

insert into TR_LogTime (col1, col2, col3, ...) values (?, ?, ?, ...)

(I didn't specify the exact column names in your example since I don't know all of them)

More on this syntax.

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try this:

Insert into TR_LogTime (XXX, YYY, Prj_Id, Area_id, Activity_Id, ID_No, Work_Date, Work_Hours, Division, Description, Remarks, Work_Week) values (
(Select count(*) from Tr_LogTime) + 1 , (select sysdate from dual) , ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?)

You'll need to replace XXX and YYY with the appropriate column names

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