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I have a small OOP plugin that i am writing and it's working besides the onbeforeunload

if(options.onbeforeunload && typeof options.onbeforeunload == 'function'){
               avacStatus.onbeforeunload = options.onbeforeunload;
                 e = e || window.event;
                 msg = "";
                 return msg;

and in my code I have

     console.log(e); //works fine to log the event
     msg = name+ " you have an unsent status, if you leave you'll lose it";

but when it comes to the onbeforeunload it only sends the default text and the actual msg in the function msg=""; which isn't what I want. Am I doing this wrong? Why won't the object overwrite msg in the call method?

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Because JavaScript is not pass-by-reference? You're not mutating that msg string, you're just creating a new value and doing nothing with it. –  Bergi May 15 '14 at 22:37
hmmm. Any suggestions then? –  EasyBB May 15 '14 at 22:38
What is avacStatus? Once it seems to be the function to which you pass the options object, once it seems to be something else? –  Bergi May 15 '14 at 22:38
Suggestion: Just return the value from the onbeforeonload function! –  Bergi May 15 '14 at 22:39
No its the same thing. we have avacStatus.init which is avacStatus then there are prototypes of it avacStatus.onbeforeunload I'll try returning but it didn't work last time so –  EasyBB May 15 '14 at 22:40

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