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I just installed linux mint mate 16, I can config shortcut via "system -> preference -> keyboard shortcut", but after a while, I can't start "system -> preference -> keyboard shortcut", it shows "starting ..." for a while, then it disappear, so I can't config shortcut any more.
I don't know why, any suggestion?

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It seems mint mate 17 RC fixed this issue, but mint mate 17 final release introduce this issue again, unbelievable.

I found a temp solution from following link:

steps to fix:

  • first install: sudo apt-get install dconf-cli
  • then reset key binding: dconf reset -f /org/mate/desktop/keybindings/
  • then you can start keyboard shortcuts, but all self-add shortcuts are gone, need to define again, and you must define everything at 1 time without close the window, because once you close the window, you can't open it again without reset the keys that you have add.
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