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I have a list of ~900 domains that I need to set up on a linux/apache server.

It would be absolutely brutal to create all of the users/groups/vhosts by hand. Does anybody know of a resource that I could use to automate this?

I guess the script should do these actions: Read text file line by line in to array For each item in array: Useradd Create vhost directory and set it as home for said user Create vhost file in /sites-available/

Does anybody have experience with this?

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You should really use the Dynamic virtual hosts

That way you don't need to explicitly configure any of them. Creating a directory is sufficient for Apache to start serving that virtual host (provided the DNS entries point to it).

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    fname = $0".conf"
    system("echo found "$0"!")
    print "<VirtualHost blah>" > fname
    print "  ServerName " $0 >> fname
    print "</VirtualHost>" >> fname
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Aye, if your problem statement starts off "Read a text file line-by-line..." then you should always consider awk. – caf Mar 3 '10 at 6:26
don't have to use >>. Just > will do – ghostdog74 Mar 3 '10 at 6:58

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