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I'm trying to deploy a simple Android app, and it's giving me a INSTALL_FAILED_DEXOPT error. When I check logcat, I get the following:

W/dalvikvm( 5558): Invalid file flags in class <class from my app>;: 0012

So what does "invalid file flags in class" mean, and does the value 0012 have anything to do with anything? I tried running some Google searches but didn't come up with much of anything; all I find are error reports with this line in it, but no explanation of what's going wrong or how to fix it.

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What's the logcat say? – 323go May 16 '14 at 3:52

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The error comes from this (dalvik/vm/oo/Class.cpp):

 * Make sure the aren't any "bonus" flags set, since we use them for
 * runtime state.
/* bits we can reasonably expect to see set in a DEX access flags field */
if ((pClassDef->accessFlags & ~EXPECTED_FILE_FLAGS) != 0) {
    ALOGW("Invalid file flags in class %s: %04x",
        descriptor, pClassDef->accessFlags);
    return NULL;

The error message indicates that your class has flags 0x0012 set; these are ACC_FINAL and ACC_PRIVATE. ACC_CLASS_MASK, defined in dalvik/libdex/DexFile.h, does not include ACC_PRIVATE:


The ACC_INNER_CLASS_MASK includes private, protected, and static, but these are not appropriate for an "outer" class.

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Thanks, that turned out to be the problem. The class in question was an inner class when it shouldn't have been. – Mason Wheeler May 16 '14 at 5:30

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