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Hi I'm using fullcalendar, jQuery and CakePHP. When using the clientEvents function I get all of the calendar events in an array of objects. I then pass that array to an action via jQuery's $.ajax of type post. But when I inspect the post data I get something like:

    [undefined] => undefined

What seems to be the problem?

Thanks in advance!

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This probably means you're not building the array in Javascript correctly. Something like

values = myValues();  // getting values
var data = { };
data[values.variableThatDoesNotExist] = values.anotherVariableThatDoesNotExist;

The two non-existing variables are of type undefined, which gets cast to the string "undefined", and that's what the key and value in the object will be called.

Try debugging your Javascript.

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       { post_param1: value1, post_param2: value2 }
       function(response) {

Should work great...

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