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I'm trying to parallelize a loop in MATLAB and am getting an error which states, "Valid indices for 'X_train' are restricted in PARFOR loops." My code is below:

parfor c = 1:num_channels

% sum_n_train calculated here

for n = 1:sum_n_train
    bin_n = bin(n);

    Xmj = X_train(bin_n, :);

% some calculations happen in between

    X_train(bin_n,:) = Xmj;
    X_train(bin_n, p) = X_train(bin_n, p) + 1;

    z_train(n)= zind;

z_train_cell{c} = z_train;

X_train is an n by p matrix and Xmj is a 1 by p vector. The error is for X_train. From reading the documentation, I see that the indexing for every variable must be fixed within the parfor loop. Even when I comment out the line X_train(bin_n, p) = X_train(bin_n, p) + 1; (which has a different indexing of X_train than the other two lines), however, I still get the error. Could someone please explain why and how I can work around it?

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It would be help us help you, and it might even help you better understand the problem, if you could create a minimal runnable example. –  horchler May 16 at 12:52
It is not possible because each iteration of the loop writes for example 'X_train(bin(1),:)' –  Daniel May 16 at 13:00
I suggest read about the restrictions on indexing in parfor. –  Sigroad May 16 at 14:28
What is bin? Is it a function or a variable? –  Bentoy13 May 16 at 14:41
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I can't try it myself, but it seems that you are trying to write to the same thing in several instances of the parfor loop.

It seems like


Will occur each time the parfor is entered, and specifically: X_train(1,:) gets overwritten a lot of times as @Daniel mentioned.


Here is what you can do:

  1. Comment out lines one by one, start at the simplest one and keep going till the error dissapears
  2. Add a dimension to all variables that are assigned to in the commented out lines. This should make the assignments to them non overlapping.



Afterwards uncomment again and run the code! If the problem still occurs you may need to add a dimension to more variables.

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