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Three questions here related to Eclipse and Clojure:

  1. {:subject read-clojure-docs} Is there a way to browse Clojure docs within Eclipse+CounterClockWise?

  2. {:subject read-java-docs} It might be useful if I can search Java Docs in Eclipse as well, is that possible?

  3. {:subject configure-repl-window} When I watch Chas Emerick's video, I saw there's a line separator in the REPL window in Eclipse: it helps to separate my input and the evaluation, however, the eval and input in my Eclipse looks like in one window. How to set up this line in Eclipse?


Edit(2014-05-26): Question 3 Solved by install a EclipseColorScheme.

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Maybe it's not wise to ask three questions in one post. Should I ask them separately? – Nick May 17 '14 at 12:36

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