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I am using Raspbian (Debian with LXDE on a Raspberry Pi).

I have created the following two files. The first one is a .desktop file so as lxde can autostart my script, and the second one is the script in question.

The problem is that when I manually start the script it works perfect, creating the directories and redirecting the streams. However when I reboot the pi, and the script autostarts I get no output at all. The script is surelly working as my final app indeed starts. Only the streams are not there.

I have no idea for what to search for, or what causes this...


[Desktop Entry] 



cd ~/application.linux64/

mkdir system_log
DIR=system_log/$(date +%Y%m%d)
mkdir $DIR/
./ 1> $DIR/$(date +%T)operation_log.txt 2> $DIR/$(date +%T)errors_log.txt
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Same problem here, still haven't solved it :/ – Daniel Severo Apr 9 at 2:16

You should probably use the whole path instead of a relative path to make your script work in any circumstances and avoid ~:



mkdir $DIR/system_log
SUBDIR=system_log/$(date +%Y%m%d)
mkdir $SUBDIR
./ 1> $SUBDIR/$(date +%T)operation_log.txt 2> $SUBDIR/$(date +%T)errors_log.txt
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Sorry not to mention that, but I tried it too. I tried everything regarding the path, and every time the result was the same. – user3634713 May 16 '14 at 15:15

I had this same problem with Linux Mint. A working command with redirect to a file did not work when started at boot using autostart .desktop file.

Enclosing the command in bash -c " " helped:

bash -c "/home/huehuehue/myguiapp >> /home/huehuehue/myguiapp.log 2>&1"
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