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My problem is that I have a C++ class here with a 3rd party library (openCV) included. I need to handle it and work with this class in java application and I came up with SWIG to wrap all together to use it with in my java code.

It works quite fine but I have an issue when it gets to a function in which I need a cv::Mat (Matrix data type in openCV) as input parameter. Have a look at the following...

This is my c++ header information:

class bridge
      cv::Mat IfindReciept(cv::Mat);

My SWIG interface file looks like this to define a typemap for the cv::Mat data type:

%typemap(jstype) cv::Mat "org.opencv.core.Mat"
%typemap(jtype) cv::Mat "long"
%typemap(jni) cv::Mat "jlong"

%typemap(in) cv::Mat {
    $1 = cv::Mat($input);

When I generate the wrapper via SWIG I get a file called SWIGTYPE_p_cv__Mat.java which defines the data type like this:

public class SWIGTYPE_p_cv__Mat {
  private long swigCPtr;

  protected SWIGTYPE_p_cv__Mat(long cPtr, boolean futureUse) {
    swigCPtr = cPtr;

  protected SWIGTYPE_p_cv__Mat() {
    swigCPtr = 0;

  protected static long getCPtr(SWIGTYPE_p_cv__Mat obj) {
    return (obj == null) ? 0 : obj.swigCPtr;

According to the SWIG documentation this is done when SWIG is not able to recognize the type.

What am I doing wrong? Maybe I've overseen something because I worked the whole night on this.

Mevatron's answer didn't work for me.

Hope some one can help me.

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