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I need to run JMeter headless in maven. I've read articles out there that describe how to add jmeter as a maven dependency but what if that JMeter script relies on a 3rd party plug in, namely https://github.com/jlavallee/JMeter-Rabbit-AMQP, then how do I integrate this? Because this is a jar file that is built and put in the JMeter lib/ext dir as a plug in to JMeter? It is not in the maven repo. Thanks

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See Adding additional libraries to the classpath from JMeter Maven plugin wiki

According to the guide adding something like


to pom.xml should solve your problem.

Also see 5 Ways To Launch a JMeter Test without Using the JMeter GUI guide for details on Maven plugin and more options, perhaps it worth considering running JMeter via Ant Task if AMPQ plugin is being built with Apache Ant.

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