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I have a PHP 5.4 app setup with Cron 1.4 added. I need to be able to execute a script, preferably minutely, to send notifications on my site, but I can't to get this to work.

The script is located at:


OPENSHIFT_GEAR_UUID used to replace actual value*

I've added a file called notifications to the .openshift/cron/minutely/ folder and added the following contents:

php -f ${OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIR}/www/components/com_notifications/process.php

I've tried everything I can think of or find to get this to work. I've tried removing the curly brackets (I'm not really sure if they're needed). I've tried #!/bin/sh instead. I've chmodded them to make sure they had the executable right.

The script does work when I load the page up in my browser. I've followed this tutorial and it actually does print to the log file so I know the cron is working. When I ssh in and execute the command, it works. I just can't seem to do it with cron.

Any suggestions or ideas? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!!


I've changed the file to the following:

php -f ${OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIR}/www/components/com_notifications/process.php >> ${OPENSHIT_DATA_DIR}/output.log 2>&1
date >> ${OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR}/ticktock.log

The ticktock.log is being updated every minute, but for some reason, the php script still isn't being called. I've tried switching to wget, which is far from an ideal solution, and calling it from the domain, but it still doesn't work!

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It could be that something in your php file is not working correctly, try directing the output of your php file to a file in your data directory using >> ${OPENSHIFT_DATA_DIR}/output.log and see if you are getting some kind of error running it from cron. Maybe some environment variable or something that it needs is not there.

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so basically php -f ${OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIR}/www/components/com_notifications/process.php >> ${OPENSHIT_DATA_DIR}/output.log? – NicholasJohn16 May 16 '14 at 14:46
Yep, actually might need something more like this to capture errors also: php -f ${OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIR}/www/components/com_notifications/process.php >> ${OPENSHIT_DATA_DIR}/output.log 2>&1 – developercorey May 16 '14 at 14:56
Should the output.log folder still be created and empty even if there are no errors cause I'm not getting anything? – NicholasJohn16 May 16 '14 at 21:49
I've tried it and still no effect. – NicholasJohn16 May 16 '14 at 23:11
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This finally seems to have worked:

php ${OPENSHIFT_REPO_DIR}www/components/com_notifications/process.php

Since the Enviroment Variables all end with trailing /, I removed them from the code to see if it would work properly. I deleted the notifications file and created a new file called cron. I think there may be some odd caching that's might cause problems when testing different code.

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Had the same issue and this worked. – ccamacho Jun 30 at 11:04

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