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My program crashed when I added the option -fstack-check and -fstack-protector. __stack_chk_fail is called in the back trace.

So how could I know where the problem is ? What does -fstack-check really check ? The information about gcc seems too huge to find out the answer.

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After checked the assembly program. I think -fstack-check, will add code write 0 to an offset of the stack pointer, so to test if the program visit a violation address, the program went crash if it does. e.g. mov $0x0,-0x928(%esp)

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"`-fstack-protector' emits extra code to check for buffer overflows, such as stack smashing attacks. This is done by adding a guard variable to functions with vulnerable objects. This includes functions that call alloca, and functions with buffers larger than 8 bytes. The guards are initialized when a function is entered and then checked when the function exits. If a guard check fails, an error message is printed and the program exits"

GCC Options That Control Optimization

GCC extension for protecting applications from stack-smashing attacks

Smashing The Stack For Fun And Profit

I Hope this will give some clue..

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That's a great help, thank you. –  stcatz Mar 3 '10 at 11:40
Please note that -fstack-protector and -fstack-check are different options. (for fellow googlers) –  Offirmo Apr 17 '13 at 16:47

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