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I have set up a POP3 reverse proxy and is being used to serve multiple domains. I was thinking to pass the hostname of the request to the auth script as a custom header, but I don't know how.

The relevant section of the nginx.conf file is:

mail {
    auth_http_timeout 5000;
    proxy  on;
    proxy_pass_error_message on;

    pop3_capabilities "LAST" "TOP" "USER" "PIPELINING" "UIDL";

    server {
      protocol    pop3;
      listen      110;
      pop3_auth   plain;
      auth_http_header X-Auth-Port 110;
      auth_http_header User-Agent "Nginx POP3/IMAP4 proxy";
      auth_http_header my_hostname $host;

I tried with this:

auth_http_header my_hostname $host;

expecting nginx to replace the $host with the actual hostname, but it does not happen, the auth script receives $_SERVER[MY_HOSTNAME] = '$host'.

Is there any way I can accomplish this?

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The only way to get the host of the auth, is authenticating like user@hostname.tld and in the auth headers split the part of the hostname.

If you want to proxy auth to multiple domains I wrote a module in perl

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