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I cannot figure out how to change the document formatting options through the Google Drive API. Is this not supported? As of now I am uploading a file but Google is making the line height 1.15, but I want it to be Single (or 1).

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wrong api. The drive api knows nothing about the contents of files –  pinoyyid May 16 at 17:37
You may think to use developers.google.com/google-apps/documents-list/… but it says it's deprecated to Google Drive API. Then which should I use? –  harmonickey May 16 at 18:44
docslist was also the wrong API. Drive is simply docslist v4. The only API I know of that will allow you to manipulate a document's contents is the one for Apps Script –  pinoyyid May 17 at 7:31

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Google Drive doesn't provide fine-grained controls to alter Google Docs, Sheets, etc. You can import files in other formats and convert them to Google formats, but you can't manipulate individual properties of the resulting files, including line height.

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