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I store serialized data in the registry. I want to use a foreach loop to iterate through that data. On each iteration I would like to add that data to a dictionary. As follows:

  1. // Create dictionary

    myDictionary = new Dictionary();

  2. // iterate through previously stored data and add it to Dictionary

    foreach (object x in Application.UserAppDataRegistry._____) { myDictionary.add(x); }

Question: Is there a simple method that retrieves all data in the registry?

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You've already got some answers on this, but may I ask what it is you're storing there? Generally you should be storing on minimal amounts of data and retrieving them by specific keys. If you've got a bit object graph or collection you are serializing then the registry is probably the wrong place for this information to go. –  Ian Mar 3 '10 at 9:42
Thanks, I'm figured it out. I'm storing a bit object graph - per client specs. –  RedEye Mar 4 '10 at 2:40

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All (you wanted to know) about the Registry with C#, Part 1 of 2 I have waiting for 6 years but there is no part 2

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Take a look at this and MSDN.

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