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i have a nested dict inserted in mongoDB. How to query if a specific dict path exists or not? I am not able to query with regx on key.

E.g of dict

dict1 = {A:{B:{C:{D:{E:1}},F:{G:{H:{L:1}}}}}

dict2 = {A:{B:{C:{D:{E:1}},K:{G:{S:{L:1}}}}}

I want to verify if i have any documents with the path A.B.C.K.G.S (i am not too worried about S value i.e L With example above the query should return dict2 document from mongoDB.

How can i query the same? Thanks in Advance

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db.coll.find({A.B.C.K.G.S: {$ne: null}})? – kwolfe May 16 '14 at 18:01

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If you want to check existence, then the query you want is


The $exists operator will return only documents which have this field, even if the value is null. In contrast comparing this field for inequality to null will return documents where this field exists and is set to value other than null. Depending on your application requirements you would use $exists or null comparison.

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