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I'm using the PushSharp library to send push notifications to the Apple APN server. The code works great, I can send 1000s of notifications. The problem is, if I attempt to send a notification with an invalid device token I receive a failure message from the push sharp framework '' and every message queued after that point is NOT sent. Basically PushSharp clears its queue if a single notification fails. For example, if I queue 4 notifications (1,2,3,4) and notification 2 has an invalid device token, notification 1 will be sent, 2 will fail, and 3 and 4 are not sent (and no event is fired informing of this).

I understand that the notification with the invalid device token will not be sent but its not acceptable to drop the other N queued notifications on the floor.

Are there any work-arounds for this? Thanks for the help!!

Push Sharp

Here's my code:

  _appleSettings.FeedbackIntervalMinutes = 0; /*WE WILL HANDLE THE FEEDBACK EXTERNALLY*/
  _appleSettings.MaxConnectionAttempts = NOTIFICATION_SERVICE_RETRY_ATTEMPS;

  _serviceSettings = new PushServiceSettings();
  _serviceSettings.MaxAutoScaleChannels = NOTIFICATION_SERVICE_NUM_CONNECTIONS;

 _pushBroker = new PushBroker();
  _pushBroker.OnChannelCreated += _pushBroker_OnChannelCreated;
  _pushBroker.OnChannelDestroyed += _pushBroker_OnChannelDestroyed;
  _pushBroker.OnChannelException += _pushBroker_OnChannelException;
  _pushBroker.OnDeviceSubscriptionChanged += _pushBroker_OnDeviceSubscriptionChanged;
  _pushBroker.OnDeviceSubscriptionExpired += _pushBroker_OnDeviceSubscriptionExpired;
  _pushBroker.OnNotificationFailed += _pushBroker_OnNotificationFailed;
  _pushBroker.OnNotificationRequeue += _pushBroker_OnNotificationRequeue;
  _pushBroker.OnNotificationSent += _pushBroker_OnNotificationSent;
  _pushBroker.OnServiceException += _pushBroker_OnServiceException;

  //now add those settings to the push broker
  _pushBroker.RegisterAppleService(_appleSettings, _serviceSettings);

  notification = new AppleNotification(notificationMessage.DeviceExtContext);
      notification.Payload.Alert.Body = notificationMessage.Message;
      notification.Payload.Sound = NOTIFICATION_SOUND;
     // notification.Payload.Badge = 1;
      notification.Tag = notificationMessage;

      //attempt to queue the notification
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We have the same issue. What we did is send a batch of 10 or so notifications in the queue and call StopAllServices. We then reallocate a new PushBroker. This way the damage is limited to only losing a few of the notifications. We may have to move away from PushSharp and consider alternatives for precisely these types of issues. – Rudy May 27 '14 at 17:09

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