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I have a setup like this:


The top-level Makefile contains a task which calls the /foo/Makefile. This Makefiles creates a list of makefiles in the subdirectories (bar, baz in the example). For each subdir, it calls the Makefiles:

    $(MAKE) -C $@

Which is fine for, say, the all task. But if I want to do something else, I get stuck. Is there a possibility to pass the target to the list of sub-makefiles? For example:

    $(MAKE) -C $@ <task>

clean: $(SUB_DIRS)-clean # or something?

Or is my whole concept wrong?

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I've done things like this, but I'm also interested in other solutions to this problem –  UpAndAdam May 16 '14 at 18:48
You couldn't have "done things like this", as there is no solution. My example is not working at all. –  musicmatze May 17 '14 at 10:55
What version of make are you using, I do exactly this –  UpAndAdam May 20 '14 at 13:35

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You could simply use the $(MAKECMDGOALS) variable.

Make will set the special variable MAKECMDGOALS to the list of goals you specified on the command line. If no goals were given on the command line, this variable is empty.

You can also use the $(foreach ) function like this :

    $(foreach DIR, $(SUB_DIRS), $(MAKE) -C $(DIR) $@;)
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For the record: This (the MAKECMDGOALS one) is the cleanest solution. My solution works as well. The foreach approach does work, but if you want to do make -j 4 (for example) the foreach approach does not scale, I guess. –  musicmatze May 18 '14 at 11:49

I finally got it work. The approach is:

SUB_DIRS        = $(wildcard */.)
SUB_DIRS_ALL    = $(SUB_DIRS:%=all-%)
SUB_DIRS_TEST   = $(SUB_DIRS:%=test-%)
SUB_DIRS_CLEAN  = $(SUB_DIRS:%=clean-%)

# Standard task
all: $(SUB_DIRS_ALL)

test_uml: $(SUB_DIRS_TEST)

clean: $(SUB_DIRS_CLEAN)

        @$(MAKE) $(MAKE_FLAGS) -C $(@:all-%=%)

        @$(MAKE) $(MAKE_FLAGS) -C $(@:test-%=%) test

        @$(MAKE) $(MAKE_FLAGS) -C $(@:clean-%=%) clean

I found this solution here: http://lackof.org/taggart/hacking/make-example/

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And this is basically the same thing I posted, just extrapolated out further for when you can't use the directory name itself. (you need to prefix/suffix it and then strip the prefix/suffix at execution time) . I often do almost exactly as you described, and didn't want to post it verbatim because I was hoping someone would present something I hadn't yet discovered like MAKECMDGOALS to truly solve the problem, and I didn't personally see the value in it beyond what I had already described. –  UpAndAdam May 20 '14 at 13:49

Yes you simply do it as specified, the fun comes in handling at the next level when you may want to both do something and also potentially recurse again.

for example i have a recursive installation like this:

    $(MAKE) -C $@ install
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This does not solve my problem at all. –  musicmatze May 17 '14 at 10:54

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